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We create tech-solutions for businesses to solve unique challenges.


We are a solution provider. We help organizations achieve their business goals through creative use of technological solutions – from simple apps to complete management systems, hosted in-house or on the cloud platform. But we don’t stop here, we can help you identify your business process painpoints and propose resolutions that are seamlessly integrated with your IT systems. Please read on to learn more about what makes us different and how we can be your best partner to fulfill your goals.

Softwares, Mobile Apps & Web Development

Professional Project Management

Creative UI / UX Design




First we will engage in a down-to-earth conversation to learn about your plans, aspirations and end goals while we share with you ours. Once we clicked, we will get the ball rolling! However, our conversation will continue during the entire implementation process as we strive to achieve the best possible results at the lowest possible cost to you.

Project Management

Our internationally recognized PMP ® (Project Management Professional, certified by the Project Management Institute) will initiate the project and come up with a plan of action for all parties involved. The plan will include a clear path from the beginning to the end on how our common goals will be achieved. It will include information discovery, requirement analysis, design, implementation planning, application development, testing and final deployment. An assigned project manager will handle your project till completion.

Requirement Gathering

We will spend considerable time and effort talking to you on your current and future needs, and will probe you on possible changes that you may not have anticipated. Our aim is to help you not only minimize costly future changes, but also avoid disruptions to your operations. At the conclusion of our analysis we will prepare a set of requirements for your review and we will work together to refine it further to your satisfaction. The requirement data will form the basis of our design and development effort. It is important that we invest our time at this stage to bring out the requirement as accurately as possible so as to avoid or minimize additional costs caused by changes made during the later stages.


Our design process begins with a detail analysis of your requirement by our experienced business analysts, followed by a series of vigorous brainstorming sessions between our analysts and technology experts, covering such topics as technology platforms, database choices, application types, implementation time and costs, and provision for possible future changes. We will present you our design ideas and may request your clarification and input along the way. The final design will form the basis for our development.


Depending on the magnitude of your project, we will organize the work among our developers to bring out the best results. The development process includes various stages of business alighnment exercises. This is to ensure that we don’t loose sight of your end goals. We will keep you updated on the development progress and alert you of any timeline changes.

Testing & Refining

We perform two levels of testing. Our internal testers will perform vigorous tests throughout the entire development cycle to ensure that the system functionalities work correctly. Your representatives will perform user-level tests during certain development benchmarks to ensure that the application behaves correctly according to the business requirements. Bugs will be fixed and features refined until the application meets the documented requirements. There will be a final user test before deployment.
Upon successful completion of the final user test, or even before that, we will work with you on a deployment plan which can be integrated with your product launch schedule for a smooth rollout.

We help organizations achieve their business goals through creative use of technological solutions - from simple apps to complete management systems, hosted in-house or on the cloud platform. 

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